Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) is a cross-border exchange program since 2009 which offers the opportunity to young businessmen to travel abroad, being hosted by experienced entrepreneurs in an EU partner country, and work aside these individuals for a time scheme from one to three months.

The objective of EYE is to help new entrepreneurs acquire new relevant skills to run and develop their own businesses, taking a 360-degree view of all the advantages provided by the EU economy. Host entrepreneurs, from this program, can gain new markets, business culture insights, and new opportunities to expand their activities in foreign markets; thus, making both parties beneficiaries from the program.

The program can offer destinations all over the world such as: USA, Israel, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore.


In Singapore a network of nearly twenty host entrepreneurs are based in the nation, offering a wide variety of fields for the new entrepreneurs who attend the program.

EYE is financed from the European Commission, and implemented with the help of more than one hundred local, regional, and national Intermediary Organisations competent in business support, which will provide support to entrepreneurs before, during, and after the exchange. 


The program for new entrepreneurs is open to all people who are based in one of the participating countries, and who seek to become entrepreneurs or have been running their business for less than three years. Host entrepreneurs who have a running business and are willing to accomodate young businessmen are also welcome to join the program.

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