La Braceria - Pizza & Grill

La Braceria - Pizza & Grill


Family owned and operated Italian restaurant in Bukit Timah, Singapore since September 2005, the restaurant in Greendale Avenue is a hidden gem. La Braceria is renowned for its authentic, southern Italian cuisine, a gastronomic tribute to Italy’s Napoletan region. Apart from the delicious cuisine, La Braceria offers guests a cozy setting with its down-to-earth decor and rustic charm. The restaurant is the perfect rendezvous spot for families and friends with its hearty food and selections of wines.


La Braceria’s kitchen is headed by Chef Giovanni Minarelli, whose latest menu embodies his experience and philosophy of making authentic Italian cuisine. Menus are changed seasonally to reflect the authenticity of the food while using the very finest Italian ingredients and what is freshest in local markets. Chef Giovanni’s forte is in pasta, seafood and steaks, and with that, he is rather confident that he will impress La Braceria’s patrons



T (65) 6465 5918