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Business Engineers Asia Pte Ltd


Business Engineers Asia (BEA) began operations in 2013 in Singapore. BEA is a South East Asian market entry specialist with a unique proposition, not only can we consult on your best entry strategy but we offer full back end logistics, warehouse & inventory support, including last mile delivery support. The key to our Direct 2 Market (D2M) Program in Singapore is that we ‘de-risk’ your entry with key advice & support, keep your cost low & transparent, give you full control on key decision-making processes, guarantee listing on at least one major e-commerce platform and let you keep your full profits while only paying a fixed monthly service fee. BEA also is gearing up to make its Singapore HQ to develop trade hubs in several countries including Malaysia, Thailand, India & Poland just to name a few. Once launched our clients will get instant market access to whichever country, we will be present in.

From 2023, we will also be adding additional value-added services like in depth market research, business development support, digital marketing services, local distributorship & new sales channels, both online & offline in not just B2C but in B2B, B2G as well.


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