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Bonfiglioli Engineering


A member of TASI Group - the largest group in the world uniquely focused on leak testing, measurement, and inspection - Bonfiglioli Engineering is the worldwide leader in Quality Inspection Solutions for all packaging requirements in Pharmaceuticals, Metal Can & Aerosols, Food & Beverages and Chemicals & Personal Care markets. Established in 1974, in Ferrara, Italy, Bonfiglioli Engineering has continuously invested, innovated, and evolved, making new breakthroughs in leak testing while offering a vast product portfolio for all packaging requirements. Today, after over 40 years, by combining development, manufacturing, sales and after-sale service operations, Bonfiglioli Engineering provides its customers dedicated solutions based on quality, innovation, expertise, flexibility, and global customer service support. With over 5000 installations around the world, Bonfiglioli Engineering serves a truly global customer base, making a dramatic impact on the efficiency and the safety of the packaging industry worldwide. Bonfiglioli Engineering offers a wide production range of laboratories as well as in-line machines with the aim of verifying, based on four complementary technologies: Container Closure Integrity Testing, Visual Inspection, Leak Testing and Headspace Gas Analysis: Presence of leaks, Headspace gas content, Existence of visible foreign materials. Testing is quick, reliable, and repeatable and gives consistent results for a comprehensive batch control, always without altering the container features.


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