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Singapore Cables Manufacturers Pte Ltd


Prysmian Group Oceania and South East Asia comprises 7 plants in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, as well as a regional distribution centre in Singapore that serves the Energy, Infrastructure and Telecom markets in the region.
Innovation remains at the heart of the Prysmian business, from producing high voltage cables for complex utility and submarine projects to providing unique expertise in measuring energization in installed cables – Prysmian Group has been instrumental in its role in the development of key national projects in the region. Even as our brands are global, our cable solutions are country specific. We understand that cable safety standards, as well as distribution and logistics processes, may vary greatly among countries. This is especially pertinent in a culturally diverse region from Oceania to South East Asia. With a robust physical presence and our innovative edge, the group is poised to take on the rapidly growing and culturally diverse regional markets.


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