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Boncafé International Pte Ltd


Boncafé Group of Companies is a member of Italy based Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group – the world’s largest Italian Coffee company with a heritage of over 40 years with 55 subsidiaries in 36 countries encompassing a number of well-known international brands that includes Puccino's, Kauai Coffee, Chock Full of Nuts and their most globally recognized Italian Coffee brand – Segafredo Zanetti.

Founded in 1962 in Singapore, Boncafé is a leading gourmet coffee manufacturer and supplier in South East Asia / East Asia and the Middle East. As the pioneer European-style gourmet coffee roaster in Southeast Asia, and guided by the Swiss tradition of precision and pursuit of perfection, Boncafé prides itself on its quality products and services to its valued, blue-chip customers in foodservice – international hotels and resorts, airlines, restaurants, clubs and retail outlets by being a one-stop beverage solution provider, supplying roasted and ground coffee, tea, juices, ready-to-drink products, sauces and syrups, coffee machines, smoothies and frappé mixes.

Boncafé is proud to be the official importer and marketer of Segafredo Zanetti Coffee. Dedicated to constant research and advanced roasting facilities, Segafredo Zanetti reconciles tradition and innovation to produce the best coffee beans possible. The brand’s mission is to spread the taste and Italian “espresso” culture to the whole world.


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