The brand Italian Hospitality is a certification promoted by IS.NA.RT scpa - National Institute for Tourism Research and Chambers of Commerce, to stimulate the supply of quality in Italy. Companies that achieve this recognition have chosen quality as a key objective, and every year they decide to questioning by undergoing the assessments carried out by external structures themselves. Evaluations shall be submitted to the Provincial Commissions, composed at least of representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, consumers and experts acting ISNART the issuance of the Italian Hospitality . Although many companies visited and analyzed voting had good or sufficient, only those who have earned high marks are titled to display the logo "Italian Hospitality" because this label is only awarded to those exercises that provide an excellent service. The Italian Hospitality mark then provides to current and potential clients an objective assessment of the level of service offered and is a guarantee for both merchants and tourists: visibility, image clarity, quality assurance, ease of choice, sharing system values between those who offer and those who buy. The set of companies united under the common logo "Italian Hospitality" allows us finally to communicate to the potential customer the efforts of all these companies to quality and this choice (and with it the concept of protection) represents an opportunity and a challenge for the entire Italian tourism system. Hotels, restaurants, farms, beaches, camping sites that display the Italian Hospitality at a glance ensure high standards of hospitality and service and a fair value price for a stay of complete satisfaction.



1. Purpose 1.1 The Italian Hospitality mark is a recognition that the tourist facilities can be used for promotional purposes by offering the customer the assurance of compliance with the quality requirements defined in the tender specifications prepared by ' ISNART (National Institute for Tourism Research). Obtaining the Italian Hospitality mark involves the insertion of the structure in the promotional activities organized by ISNART and the chamber system. 1.2 This Regulation lays down the detailed evaluation of the structures for the awarding Italian Hospitality. 2. Parties involved 2.1 ISNART: National Institute for Tourism Research, sponsor of the Italian Hospitality mark 2.2 Commission of the Chamber of Commerce : body set up at the local Chamber of Commerce and composed of representatives from industry and consumer stakeholders. 2.3 Certification body: body, third and independent, accredited ACCREDIA under standard EN 45011 , commissioned by ISNART for the verification of compliance with the requirements of the Regulations reference. 2.4 Evaluator: a party designated by the certification body which carries out the visit to the tourist. The evaluators are selected in such a way to ensure the competence in the assessment. 2.5 Structure Tourism: subject (hotel / restaurant / farm / bed and breakfast / camping, etc..) That has applied for membership to the Italian Hospitality mark. 3. Procedures and requirements for membership 3.1 The application form must be submitted by the Chamber of Commerce tourist facilities. 3.2 The regular membership of the Hotel, the Chamber of Commerce is a requirement for access to certification.
3.3 The submission of the " Application Form "completed in full and signed by the legal representative of the structure attesting to the formal adherence to and acceptance of these rules. 3.4 The tourist will receive from the Chamber of Commerce and / or ISNART notice of acceptance of the application with the indication of the period in which the verification will be carried out. In the case of non-acceptance of the application the Chamber of Commerce and / or ISNART communicate the reasons therefor. 3.5 The owner / operator of the facility that will be visited shall inform the staff in order to facilitate the execution of the audit. 4. Procedures for the implementation of the verification 4.1 The assessment consists of an inspection of the property, carried out by qualified personnel (assessor), aimed at verifying the correspondence structural and services offered to customers with respect to the requirements defined in the Regulations. The areas to be audited will be those common and uncommon, though not accessible to the public, as specified in the Regulations. 4.2 At the request of the Chamber of Commerce, ISNART can communicate the name of the evaluator, so that member companies can be informed and, if necessary, express their reservations by the name proposed. ISNART examines the reasons given by the Company and, if eligible, decides to accept proposing the name of another evaluator. 4.3 The audit will be carried out without prior notice. 4.4 Verification of the requirements will be documented by completing a checklist, by the documentation required by the assessor and photographic support detected during the evaluation visit. As observed by the assessor at the time of verification will be revised for the marking. 5. Grant and renewal of the trademark Italian Hospitality 5.1 Based on the outcome of the audit the certification body applies the score assigned and notify the Evaluation Committee set up at the Chamber of Commerce acting by the release of the brand. Following the decision, the Chamber of Commerce shall issue a Certificate to the tourist and ISNART the license to use the trademark Italian Hospitality. 5.2 The structures that they will not get the minimum score to obtain the mark will be notified of the reasons for exclusion, and may reapply no earlier than six months and not having taken steps to eliminate these deficiencies. 5.3 The maintenance of the "Italian Hospitality mark" is subject to the results of an annual audit as defined in paragraphs 4 and 5 of this Regulation. 5.4 If they fail the requirements necessary for the maintenance, the mark may be revoked, resulting in the inability by the company of any initiative promoted as promotional or advertising from the time of the revocation. 6. Provisions for the use of the certificate and brand Italian Hospitality 6.1 The structure can give the achievement of brand advertising through information provided by the Attestation and the inclusion of the logo on advertising documentation or information material varied. 6.2 The tourist can use the certificate or mark only if the same is invalid, or accompanied by the year of release. 6.3 The tourist must use the trademark Italian Hospitality as defined in Regulation trademark transmitted by ISNART use. ISNART reserves the right to legally protect the use of the certificate or mark from any use by unauthorized third parties. 7. Confidentiality 7.1 The documents and information concerning the structure, acquired or of which has come to their knowledge in the course of the evaluation activities, are considered confidential, unless the law or contrary written consent of the structure.
8. Complaints and appeals 8.1 The structure may make a formal complaint all'ISNART if it is not satisfied with its work (eg behavior of the evaluators or inaccuracy of the information provided on the site www.10q.it or other media information). ISNART will promptly complaint handling by giving notice to the property. 8.2 If the structure is considered, as a result of decisions taken, it was the subject of discrimination ruling and not justified, it may appeal to ISNART within 30 days from the date of notification of the decision. The appeal shall contain the reasons why the structure disagrees with these decisions. The application is assessed by an Appeals Committee appointed by the Board of Directors of ISNART, composed of three members so as to ensure an impartial judgment. The Appeals Committee shall examine the appeal and hear the representative of the structure within 60 days of its presentation. The decisions of the Appeals Committee are final. The expenses incurred shall be borne by the parties. 9. Arbitration 9.1 The resolution of any disputes between the parties directly or indirectly in the application of the Regulations and / or economic agreements related to the application of this Regulation, in accordance with the Rules of the Arbitration Court of Rome, Regulation, which it declares to know and entirely agree, be referred to the free decision amicable and equitable basis of an arbitration panel composed of three arbitrators, one appointed by each party and the third, acting as chairman, appointed by mutual agreement of the parties or, failing that, by the Board the Chamber of Arbitration of Rome. The arbitration will be based in Rome.



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